INCAFEX RANCHES LIMITED was incorporated on 20th August 1986
Its principal business is the development of modern ranches and the promotion of commercial ranching in general. For that matter, Incafex Ranches Ltd. is a managing agent of various ranches.

In early 1986, Incafex Ranches Ltd. took over and embarked on the difficult task of rehabilitating the infrastructure on these ranches after the unstable political climate. This involved re-grading the roads, clearing/cleaning/desilting of valley tanks and dams, reconstruction of cattle dips, laying of water pipes, installation of water tanks and water pumps driven by diesel engines, rebuilding of farm houses and perimeter fencing of the ranches as well as restocking.

Continuous improvement of herds
Incafex ranches has continued the process of improvement and diversification of their herd gene pool through:
Artificial insemination with sperm from Zimbabwe (ASx 1489 1989)
Searching and purchasing of required breeding bulls.
Selling bulls after they had served the herd for three years.


1. Kabula Ranch No. 15
2 Kitantalo Kyambogo (Kinyogoga) Ranch
3 RANCH No: 9/13 (Singo Ranching Scheme)
4. Buruli Ranch 6A
5.Nakalama Estate, Kyabatangwa and Rwakoma Estate