The shareholders of Incafex Ranches Ltd regard commercial ranching as good business. The various short and long term activity plans for the company are as follows:

1. Beef Canning
The products will initially be for the local market and, at a later stage, the export market will be considered.

2. First Class Butchery.
It is the intention of Incafex Ranches Ltd. to establish a butchery
that would provide first class service and meat.

3. Research / Production of Animals
Incafex Ranches Ltd is to establish research centres at the ranches to cover the following areas:
a Economics of the use of acaricides and drugs on tick control.
b Development of indigenous breeds and cross breeds to help improve:
  1. Percentage off take
  2. Increase the weight of animals to be slaughtered
  3. Increasing of milk production
c. Any other as the need may arise. This research is in conjunction with Entebbe Research Institute.

4. Export of Beef
It is the intention of Incafex Ranches Ltd to export meat to countries where meat is in short supply. Contacts for the meat markets are being established.

5. Breeding Centers
It is the plan of Incafex Ranches Ltd to import pure breeds of animals. These animals would be used for breeding purposes for both Incafex and other serious local farmers.

6. Goat and Sheep ranching
Incafex Ranches Ltd to carry out goat and sheep ranching. The goats and sheep will be mainly for the export market to the Middle East.

7. Apiary Production (Honey Bee Production)
This project is soon starting on a large scale to satisfy both the local and export market.

8. Crop Farming
To cultivate extensively for economic purposes Maize, sunflower, groundnuts and other non-traditional export crops.

The above mentioned plans which appear large say
1. Beef canning
2. First Class Butchery
3.Export of Beef
are to be carried out Jointly with other Investors/Farmers they are therefore for guidance. The immediate plan is to improve management and animal production on the operational Incafex Ranches.