The management of Incafex Ranches Ltd are seeking the services of Joint Venture Partner to invest and participate in the management of the Ranches on a professional basis.
The Partner would work out a management programme for the Ranches.
The Partner is to work out a financial and technical proposal for managing the Ranches based on internally generated funds.

Partner qualities and experience:
• Should have financial capacity to inject funds that will make the ranches profitable.
• Investigate existing Incafex Ranches' operations, develope and implement strategies to improve production, planning, operation, monitoring, profitability and make recommendations regarding the investment decisions.
• Recommending and implementation of breeding and marketing policies and herd health operations.
• Establish, recommend and implement management programmes with intention to improve viability and profitability of the Incafex Ranches.
• Practical ranching experience (HANDS ON) in breeding, herd health, animal production and herd management.
• Economical evaluation of the existing operations and recommend ways of increasing productivity.
• Compile and submit a business plan and budgets of Incafex Ranches to the Management and indicate how the funds to support the budget would be raised.
• Compiling, Planning and control of budget and financial planning, breeding, herd health, general management and staff matters reporting to management
• Investigating and solving problems related to animal production.
• Improve, establish animal herd records of the existing herd and recommend/implement of the changes that may be necessary.